Freak Flags is a female-owned & operated flag and pennant shop. It lives within these digital walls (for now) with the occasional pop-up around Richmond, VA! 
Freak Flags was created to celebrate everything there is to love about Richmond - the city where FF was ideated and is based, and we are lucky enough to call home. 
Most of these styles are LTO (limited time offerings) - others might be back by popular demand. We are doing releases online (on this website you are currently browsing) and sporadic pop-ups at this time. No custom orders or one-off prints. Inventory is still relatively SMALL as we figure out demand. We are still a young little baby shop, so things are changing daily.
Thank you for being here. We are beyond grateful for your interest, support and business. We also appreciate your understanding as we continue to learn and grow. Issa process, every single day. 
Instagram is the best place to find us (@freakflagsrva or click the icon at the bottom of this page) for updates on upcoming drops and pop-ups. You can also check the announcement banner on our homepage, which we will update with any pressing info. 
We work with our fantastic vendor, Oxford Pennant SHOUT OUT TO BUFFALO, to create these beauties to fly in your home or office or... home office. They help bring the designs and ideas to life on a beautiful canvas of wool & felt. 
Support small business. Shop local in your towns and cities across the country. And lastly, own your freakdom and LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY. 
It's me. Hi.